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Albert Einstein- Relatively Jewish

Exhibition - New Synagogue Berlin, Centrum Judaicum

This exhibition, which focussed on Albert Einstein’s relationship to Jewish culture and society, was the inaugural exhibition of Germany’s Einstein Year. The architecture was inspired by the physicist’s pioneering scientific achievements, in particular his discovery that light rays could bend. The space’s internal structure was defined by a line of light curving around a circular projection of the sun in eclipse. A further element comprised a combined light and mirror installation that examined conceptions of the infinite or the unfathomable.

Project information
Client: New Synagogue Berlin, Centrum Judaicum Foundation
Opening: February 2005 (duration: 8 months)
Services rendered: Exhibition architecture, media design, interactive design, lighting design
Graphics: Tina Raccah
Area: 175 m2
Project Period: November 2004 to February 2005
Concept & Supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley 
Design Development: Thomas Sommerick
Construction Documents & Site Supervision: Stefan Blaas
Lighting and Media Design: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley