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Luther and the Princes

1. National Exhibition for the Luther-Jubilee, Castle Hartenfels, Torgau

The city of Torgau is an authentic backdrop for the first large national exhibition of the 500th Jubilee of the Reformation, which the studio Duncan McCauley designed over 1500 sqm within five different locations. In the exhibition ‘Luther and the Princes’, visitors can circulate through the political history of the Reformation, its fascinating turnovers, the interplay between politics and religion as well as see the effects of Protestantism in current society. The design concept was developed in two ways; through the dynamic history and authentic fabric of the buildings. It illustrates the interdependency between religious and political powers. With precise room atmospheres, the design alludes to specific moments and protagonists of historical development. In the same way, the architectonical elements bring to expression –together with the accent lighting– the suspense between ‘carrying structure’ and ‘outlooking image’. Portraits of princes, images of Luther as well as further exhibits present the key figures and aspects of the Reformation, and at the same time tell a story about the protagonists and their carried correlations.
Project information
Client: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Opening: May 2015
Services rendered: exhibition design, graphic, technical planning, media production, lighting design
Area: 1.500 m2
Project period: June 2014 to May 2015
Concept & supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Projectmanagement: Verena Kluge
Architecture assistence: Andrea Kubinszky
Graphic: Tina Raccah
Image & Video editing, animations: Jan Raiber
Media coordination & support for contents: Cristina Navarro