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Exhibition - Workers in the State Owned Company 
10 min. 1-channel video, 6-channel audio, 2008

The exhibition tour begins with a short film, which acts as a threshold and immerses the visitor into the brick factory and its environment. The film has a traditional cinematic structure but is conceived specifically as an introduction to the journey and is an integral part of the experience of moving through the factory space.
Set in 1985, the plot revolves around a family in which both parents work in the factory and have to overcome a crisis in order to be eligible for the much-needed bonus. The young daughter saves the day. The story illustrates how working and private life were tightly interwoven in the former East Germany. At the end of the film a door opens automatically and the visitor is invited into the historical spaces of the brickworks themselves.

Project information
Client: Landkreis Oberhavel
Location: Ziegeleipark, OT , 16775 Zehdenick
Scope of work: Concept, script, interactive design and media production.
Production time: September 2007 to March 2009
Concept, Direction und Production: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Assistant Director: Nina Vocilka
Production: Gaby Lingke
Script: Lojang Soenario
Paul: Tim Ahlers
Lina: Johanna Keil
Doreen: Katarina Schroeter
Otto: Werner Lustig
Camera: Jenny Barth
Editing: Eva-Maria Heinrich
Lighting: Niko Mölter
Sound: Christian Schossig
Set Designer: Sebastian Soukup,
Assistant Set Designer: Nina Hirschberg
Costume Designer: Anke Baier
Make-Up Artist: Franziska Fischer
Child Minder: Christiane Boy
Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn
Music: Der Singende Tresen