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Götterdämmerung II – The End of the Monarchy in Bavaria

The Bavarian State Exhibition 2021 focuses on the disintegration and shift in the balance of power of the monarchy in the late 19th century and tells of the attitude to life and the fates of the last generation of rulers before the revolution of 1918. In the context of great technical advances and social change in the course of industrialization, there was an increasing loss of justification for the divine right to rule. With the "fin de siècle" the end of a time was approaching, the end of an old order. The atmosphere and the language of the exhibition reflect the changes in the context of the beginning of the 20th century as a field of tension between tradition and modernity. Thematized is its meaning for the last generation of rulers in relation to the turmoil between power and loss, obligation and humanity. The designed rooms aim to stimulate emotional as well as cognitive experience, deepening and reflection and to give the possibility to transfer new insights into one's own time or everyday life.