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Potsdam – A City of History

Permanent Exhibition – Potsdam Museum - Forum for Art and History

The city of Potsdam is bound to important events in Prussian history, as well as German history in general, in a way that sets it apart from almost any other city except from Berlin. Visitors to the exhibition “Potsdam: A city of history” are taken on a journey through time, to the milestones of the town’s thousand-year history. As well as depicting historical milestones, the exhibition shows how the city provided a platform for historical developments of both local and international significance. A tour through the museum is a journey through the changing landscape, architecture and world outlooks from the Middle Ages to the present day. The design of the exhibition corresponds to the dynamic changes that Potsdam underwent. To this end, the designers employed flowing, interlocking forms that reflect the baroque ensembles that still characterize Potsdam today. The simple presentation elements and display cases were designed to present the 600 original objects making up the permanent exhibition in the best possible way. The scenographers have strived towards achieving a lively relationship between the structure of the display and its exhibits. Rather than being presented with isolated objects viewed out of context, visitors are able to immerse themselves into the everyday world of Potsdam, while still having their attention continuously drawn towards the overall picture of the city's history.
Project information

Client: City of Potsdam
Opening: September 2013, permanent exhibition
Services Rendered: Exhibition design, graphic design, technical planning, media production, lighting design 
Area: 800 m2
Project period: Oktober 2012 to September 2013

Concept & Supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Project Management: Verena Kluge
Architecture: Verena Kluge, Anna Hollstein
Graphic design: Sissi Coppe
Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn, Sebastian Morsch 
Image Editing & 3D modelling: Jan Raiber
Media Programming: Holger Marseille
Recording: Gerhard Ruhs
Research: Cristina Navarro