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National Park House Wadden Sea

Exhibition - Wadden Sea Wursten

For the exhibition design of the National Park House in Dorum-Neufeld a language has been developed which interprets the landscape of the Wadden Sea. The exhibition elements are forms which represent the flow and the change of the land. They are inspired by the intersection of different forces and the impact of the tides and the elements on the fragile land. Structures and patterns repeat and interact as in the geographical area between land and sea. The exhibition architecture and graphic and media function harmoniously. The perspective shifts between the wide openness of the Wadden Sea landscape and the sky down to the small scale of the environment of the habitat of the animals and fauna of the tideland.
Project information

Client: County of Wursten, Wadden Sea
Opening: September 2012
Services Rendered: Exhibition design, graphic design, technical planning, media production, lighting design
Area: 200 m2
Project periodJuly 2011 to September 2012


Concept & Supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Design & Design Development: Verena Kluge
Graphic Design: Tina Raccah, Sissi Coppe 
Media Programming: Holger Marseille