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Friedrich and Potsdam

Exhibition – Potsdam Museum

The design reflects how the city of Potsdam was transformed under Friedrich the Great. The interlocking shapes move fluidly through the historic rooms and cite the baroque details of the Frederician era, placing the focus on the object. The combination with interactive media installations allows visitors to experience a narrative space, animating and inspiring all the senses. The design is conceived in sustainable form so that the exhibition architecture can later be used for the permanent exhibition.
Project information

Client: City of Potsdam
Opening: August 2012, duration 4 months
Services Rendered: Exhibition design, graphic design, technical planning, media production, lighting design
Area: 525 m2
Project periodJanuary to August 2012


Concept & Supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Project Management: Verena Kluge
Design Assistant: Edmund Harrison-Gray 
Graphic Design: Tina Raccah
Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn, Sebastian Morsch 
Image Editing & 3d modelling: Jan Raiber
Media Programming: Holger Marseille 
Recording: Gerhard Ruhs 
Research: Cristina Navarro