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Information House Schierke

Exhibition - National Park Harz

Situated at the entrance to the park, the exhibition in the information house informs the visitor about the mythical wilderness of the Harz National Park but also presents practical information about how to get to the mountain peak and what the weather is like when you get there.

An interactive map highlights the alternative routes and their characteristics while a real time web based weather station gives the visitor an idea of the conditions on the peak. A film animation consisting of images taken over the period of a year shows how the magical landscape changes throughout the seasons.
Project information

Client: National Park Harz
Opening: August 2009, permanent exhibition
Services rendered: Exhibition architecture, media design, media production, graphic design, lighting design
Area: 60 m2
Project period: May 2008 September 2009


Concept & supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Design development & site supervision: Jens Kärcher
Graphic and Motion Graphics: Eva Maria Heinrich
Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn

Programming: Holger Marseille