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A University Makes History

Exhibition - Humboldt University Berlin

The exhibition illustrates not only the academic and political history of the Humboldt University, but also its development along with the city. Exhibits and media installations tell stories and create a fascinating and informative collage. The 37 cubes in the colour scale from deep red to magenta, the largest of which is 2.5m high, give the 200-year anniversary show a strong presence. Each of the historical journeys and theme islands can be understood independently from the exhibition as a whole – but the more cubes one looks at, the deeper the visitor delves into the history of Berlin’s first university.
Project information

Client: Humboldt University Berlin
Opening: April 2010, duration 4 months
Services rendered: exhibition architecture, media design, media production, interactive design, graphic design, lighting design
Area: 450 m2
Project period: September 2009 to August 2010


Concept & supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Design: Tom Cardew, Katja Ecks, Friederike von Koenigswald
Design development & site supervision: Sabine Melis, Grant Taylor

Graphic & interface design: Eva Maria Heinrich
Graphic & illustration: Tina Raccah, Julia Wolf
Lighting & media design: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley

Media production manager: Martin Behnke
Interviews: Julia Vismann
Voiceover: Frieder Venus, Britta Steffenhagen
Editing: Stefan Bünnig
Camera: Tom Duncan, Tom Rotsch
Sound: Martin Behnke, Stefan Bünnig 
Sound design: Arno Kraehahn, Sebastian Morsch
Recording studio: Soundmaster Tonstudio Berlin, Gerhard Ruhs