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In The Jungle

Exhibition - Deutsche Kinemathek

The exhibition initially appears impenetrable, as in the rainforest the dense formation of trees hinders a view of the pathway. The room is alive with the sound of the jungle, a 16-channel sound installation recreates the movement of the animals - even Tarzan swings through the trees. Children slip between the soft trees of the jungle and the paths open up to a glade. Films, exhibits and media stations can be discovered in the atmosphere of the dense jungle.
Project information

Client: Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum for Film and Television
Opening: Juni 2010, duration 7 months
Services rendered: Exhibition architecture, sound design, lighting design
Area: 300 m2
Project period: March to June 2010


Concept & supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Design: Grant Taylor
Design development & site supervision: Sabine Melis
Lighting design: Noel McCauley
Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn