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Duncan McCauley were invited by the Galerie Aedes to contribute to an exhibition celebrating the latter’s 25th anniversary. The thirteen offices involved presented their own projects, all tackling the “Find The Gap” theme.
“The exhibition Find The Gap provides vivid examples of the creative capacity available to architects who consciously take a shared, interdisciplinary approach to project development. The forms of organisation and implementation displayed still have a niche existence in the architectural profession.” (Hortensia Völckers, Art Director at the Kulturstiftung des Bundes/ Federal Cultural Foundation)
Duncan McCauley illustrated this new perspective/approach among architects by relocating the entrances into the gallery. Conventional structures were thus overturned, creating a new threshold for the space of architecture. Illuminated coloured frames in conjunction with an audio installation marked a new visitor route, improving visitor circulation and provoking interest in the message of the exhibition. 

The “Narrative Works” installation inside the gallery signified the synthesis of narration and architectural form in their work.

Project information
Client: Galerie Aedes, Berlin 
Opening: November 2005, duration: 4 weeks
Concept & Supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Design Development & Site Supervision: Stefan Blaas, Karla Pils