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Bricks for Berlin & Workers in the State-Owned Company

Permanent Exhibition, The Brickworks Park, Zehdenick

At the Brickworks park, historical industrial buildings have been restored and converted to create a fascinating industrial museum, the largest of it’s kind in Europe. Duncan McCauley were commissioned with the master planning for the museum complex and the design of the visitor centre, event space and permanent exhibitions, including media production. In the brickworks, the task was to identify and present traces of a legacy of industry together with a social context in a manner that would enable visitors to connect with the location’s multi-layered cultural heritage.

“Bricks for Berlin” in Kiln III tells the story of brick making in Zehdenick from a technical and cultural perspective. The machine halls dating from the 1950s house the exhibition “Workers in the State-Owned company” that documents life in the mechanical brickworks during the communist GDR era from a social-historical perspective.
Project information
Client: Oberhavel district council. Opening: March 2009
Services rendered: Research, exhibition text, exhibition architecture, media design, media production, interactive design, graphic design, lighting design.
Area: 3615 m2
Project period: April 2004 to March 2009
Concept, Project Management, Site Supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Pre Design: Avri Ollschwang, Sibille Pohl, Karla Pils
Design Development & Construction Documents: Anuschka Müller, Katharina Bonhag
Design Assistants: Tal Bar On, Michael Sikorski, Inga Iwanowski, Ulrike de Paly
Content Research & Exhibition Text: Lojang Soenario
Graphic Design: Sandra Tebbe, Stefanie Langnickel
Lighting and Media Design: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn