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Image film SFVV

Image film for the Foundation Flight Expulsion Reconciliation, Berlin

Departing from the emotional memories of her banishment by an eyewitness, the film introduces the mission of the Foundation Flight Expulsion Reconciliation. The purpose of the Foundation is to show the dread of banishment and expulsion from Germany, especially during World War II to a broader public. Following this, the Foundation will establish a new shelter for the topic in the centre of Berlin, that will unify multiperspective exhibitions,  a documentation centre, a library and diverse events, all under the same roof.
Project information
Client: Foundation Flight Expulsion Reconciliation, Berlin
Services rendered: Concept, storyboard, technical planning, media production
Production time: February to June 2013
Concept & storyboard: Tom Duncan, Cristina Navarro
Sound Design: Sebastian Morsch
Camera: Bianca Bodmer
Sound recording: Silvio Hermann
3D-animations, editting: Denis Bivour, Steffen Schmidt
Coordination & production: Cristina Navarro