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Video space installation, 8 min, 2-channel video, 4-channel audio, 2004

The story of the “Tasmania” football club, founded in 1900, is told in a space-encompassing video installation. Two synchronized screens show fascinating film footage of the successful youth team, illustrating the enthusiasm in today’s multicultural Berlin borough of Neukölln. Interview extracts with former players and fans such as ex-captain Atze Becker and the popular writer Horst Bosetzky relate the club’s exhilarating development, from the amateur team’s entry to the Bundesliga to its legendary status as Germany’s worst ever soccer team. 

Project information

Client: Heimatmuseum Neukölln, Berlin
Services rendered: Concept, scriptwriting and media production, lighting design
Project period: Dec 2003 to May 2004
Sound Design: Roy Wilde

Concept, direction and production: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Camera: Jenny Barth
Editor: Tom Duncan, Sven Holly Nüllmeyer
Sound Design: Roy Wilde
Graphics: Annette Holik