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Building with Bricks

Exhibition – Building Blocks for Berlin
Mechanical interactive game with digital image
link, 1-channel video, 2-channel audio, 2008

An interactive arch-building device is coupled with a projection. The visitor is invited to position lightweight bricks on a form. When the shape is complete, a light turns from red to green. The visitor depresses a lever and the support lowers to leave an arch of bricks, with a projection simultaneously showing a train as it passes over a bridge.

Project information
Client: Landkreis Oberhavel
Location: Ziegeleipark, OT Mildenberg, 16775 Zehdenick
Scope of work: Konzept, Drehbuch, Interaktivdesign und Medienproduktion
Production time: September 2007- März 2009
Conzept, Direction and Production: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Graphics and Animation: Eva-Maria Heinrich
Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn