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The Circular Kiln

Exhibition - Workers in the State Owned Company
Haptic, audio and light installation 9 min. 32-channel audio, 2008

Within the circular Hoffmann kiln, visitors are invited to pick up a glowing white brick and take it with them on their journey through the 80m long firing tunnel. The change in colour relates to the different temperatures within the kiln, illuminating the firing tunnel in shades between white and deep red. The 32-channel soundscape recreates the circular movement of air and fire within the kiln. 

Project information
Client: Landkreis Oberhavel
Location: Ziegeleipark, OT Mildenberg, 16775 Zehdenick
Scope of work: Concept, script, lighting design, interactive design and media production
Production time: 2007-2009
Concept, Direction und Production: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn