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A Blessing-Tryptich

Church Segenskirche, Berlin
6 min. 3-channel video, 2-channel audio, 2003

This installation was conceived to mark the church becoming a city retreat. It consisted of three elements: triptych film projection, lighting installation and guided tours.
The triptych projection situated at the entrance archway of the building creates an environment out of images of elements within the church, which are not normally seen by the visitor or church-goer; the inside of the organ, the belfry and the view from the tower overlooking the city.

Project information
Client: Evangelical Church, Prenzlauer Berg North
Scope of work: concept, script, media production and lighting design
Production time: July to September 2004
Concept, Direction und Production: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Camera: Jenny Barth
Editing: Tom Duncan, Lojang Soenario
Sound Design: Tom Duncan