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Window to Lusatia

Exhibition - Land in motion
7 Min. 2 -Channel Video, 4 -Channel Audio, 2005

The film installation is made up of two large-format screens suspended one above another. The 7-minute film installation is a journey through Lusatia illustrated with images rich in association, the people of the region, its nature and its industrial and cultural landscape. It illustrates the headway made as a result of new challenges and the clever interaction with change – all embedded in the natural beauty of Lusatia. 
Project information
Client: IBA Fuerst Pueckler Land GmbH
Scope of work: Concept and script (Media production: Produktion 2, Director: Michael Dörfler)
Production time: December 2003 to July 2006
Concept: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Director: Michael Dorfler
Production: Produktion2