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The Garden of Memories

Exhibition - Prince Pueckler‘s World
17min. 5-channel HD video, 22-channel audio, 2006

The focal point of the exhibition is the multi-channel video installation “The Garden of Memories”, which brings the metaphysical world of Pueckler and his landscape architecture to life. Four synchronised screens present the visitor with the beauty of the park throughout the year within the structure of an ideal walk from east to west. Fragmentary narrative sequences combined with animations present Prince Pueckler in his era within the park.

Project information
Client: Stadt Cottbus, represented by the Foundation Prince Pueckler Museum
Location: Visitor Centre Park Branitz
Scope of work: Concept, script and media production
Archive material: Fürst-Pückler-Museum Foundation
Production time: December 2003 to July 2006
Concept, Direction und Production: Tom Duncan, Noel Mc Cauley
Script: Friederike von Koenigswald
Hermann Prince of Pueckler-Muskau: Jonas Hartmann 
Lucie Princess of Pueckler-Muskau: Teresa Waas 
Henriette Sontag: Andrea Kurmann
Ludmilla Assing: Sigrun Fischer 
Oberst von Kurssel: Michael Becker
Ernst Mensen: Paul Grill
Pianist: Paul Unger
Machbuba: Edom Alemu
Piano playing: Paul Unger
Girl: Lea Lembke
Boy: Charles Kreische
Production: Nina Vocilka
Camera: Jenny Barth
Sequence Photography: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley, Bart Meijer
Sound: Matthias Kreitschmann, Christian Schossig 
Costume Designer: Anke Baier
Costume Designer‘s Assistant: Ines Königsmann
Make-up Artist: Franziska Fischer, Alin Pilan
Make-up Artist‘s Assistant: Robert Bachmann
Editing, Animation und Screendesign: Eva-Maria Heinrich 
Photo Editing: Bart Meijer
Music & Sound Design: Arno Kraehahn, Sebastian Morsch
Sound Recording: Gerhard Ruhs, Soundmaster Tonstudio Berlin