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Rhein Blicke

Competition participation - "Viewpoint on the Rhine"

Alongside the street a 2.4m high wall shields the view in order to advertises the view point, whilst still allowing a small framed view of the river Rhine.
When one walks through the opening a grandstand extends from the street level down to the river bank. The grandstand enables the visitors to take in the culture and landscape of this UNESCO world heritage site.
Differing risers within the Stand have places to sit, to lie and to have a picnic. The risers get proportionally bigger as the Stand reaches the road side.
The grandstand is formed completely out of glazed ceramic slabs, using a colour inspired by the encircling green wine-fields from the surrounding landscape. The stands massive form asserts its position in the landscape at every position, and more importantly the wall shields visitors from the loud and continuous transportation sounds, thus allowing for a peaceful contemplation of the river and the surroundings.


Concept & Leadership: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Design and Development: Grant Taylor
Graphics: Tina Raccah