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Giants Causeway Visitor Centre

„Narrative light“

The two contrasting explanations for the formation of the Giants Causeway – Science and Legend  - are expressed in the architecture of the new Visitor Facilities. A fracture, which represents science, defines the forms of the building and the main circulation spaces. The Antrim light entering the building through deep fissures illuminates and animates the space. The movement of the light within the building represents narrative and the melody of words. The building is read as a whole but is fractured into three separate entities stepped along the contours of the landscape. The main circulation route from the parking to the Causeway runs through the building. The landscape is drawn into the fracture. The building looks inward creating a special place with specific framed views out on to the landscape.


Concept & Supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Design Development: Karla Pils, Rusmir Ramic
Design Assistant: Thomas Sommerick