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Fürstenhaus Glauberg

Competition participation - Invited competition

Sensitive to the cultural heritage of the site the museum is partially submerged in the ground like an archaeological find – as if either partially exposed through erosion or not fully excavated. The building is positioned beside the old procession way, its design responding to the latter’s route and form. Visitors navigate their way from the car park using landscape features and arrive on the building’s roof, from where they can view the expansive fertile flatlands comprising the Wetterau area. An outdoor stairway leads into the chieftan’s house, where visitors are immersed in Celtic culture.

Project information
Area: Net 1.370 m2.
Project Period: September to October 2006
Konzept & Leitung: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Gestaltungsentwicklung: Anuschka Müller, Karin Derix
Landschaftsplanung: Atelier le Balto