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Brickworks Museum, Zehdenick.

Conversion of an industrial monument into a Museum

At the Brickworks Museum, historical industrial buildings have been restored and converted to create a fascinating industrial museum, the largest of it’s kind in Europe. Duncan McCauley were commissioned with the master planning for the museum complex and the design of the visitor centre and event space. The architectural concept focuses on retaining the historical substance with its spatial structures and visual relationships as a witness to the industrial heritage of the site. In the event space the new additions are incorporated in accordance with the principle of a “building within a building”. In the interior the kiln’s chimney structures the space and converted coal wagons are used as service elements for the bar and cloakroom. Service functions are grouped together in a new architectural element visible on the exterior of the kiln, which expresses the change in use and also serves as a new entrance.
Project information
Client: Oberhavel district council
Completion: March 2008
Services rendered: Architectural design, interior design.
Area: Net 1025qm (existing 545m2, new 480m2)
Project Period: April 2004 to March 2008
Concept, Supervision, Artistic Site-Supervision: Tom Duncan, Noel McCauley
Design Development & Construction Documents: Anuschka Müller
Design Assistance: Tal Bar-On, Michael Sikorski